Additional Services

Experienced Speech-Language Pathologists Serving Montreal


We present workshops on a variety of topics related to communication disorders to colleagues in the public sector, daycares and schools. We are able to develop in-services and workshops related to specific demands.


If you would like to arrange a meeting to discuss you or your child’s communication; if you are unsure whether an evaluation and/or treatment is warranted; or if you simply want a second opinion, we are available to consult and advise.

In-home visits

In exceptional circumstances, we are willing to work with you or your child in your home. Please call us to discuss.

Parent training

When we work with children, parent training is always a component of the therapy. We know that training parents and caregivers to work effectively with the child outside the therapy setting is the key to carry over of skills learned within the clinic.

Report writing

Assessment reports are required by our professional Order following the evaluation of a client. Progress and Discharge reports can be provided upon request.

Home programming

Home practice activities are always a part of speech-language treatment. However, sometimes circumstances, such as lengthy periods outside of the country, can lead parents to request a home program that they can carry out with their child. We are willing to develop and help parents implement such programs.

Intervention in daycare settings

Children with significant communication difficulties are eligible to receive government funding to help them integrate into the daycare setting. This funding can go towards the services of a speech-language pathologist. We are available to provide speech therapy in daycare settings depending on their location and our availability.

Mentoring of Speech-Language Pathologists and graduate students

We enjoy collaborating with colleagues to help them problem-solve when they are faced with difficult cases related to our areas of expertise. Mentoring can be done in person, over the phone or over Skype.

Completion of application forms for Quebec Handicap Subsidy and Federal Disability Tax Credit

We are experienced in completing the paperwork necessary to apply for the Quebec Handicap Subsidy, the Federal Child Disability Benefit and the Quebec government allowance for the integration of a disabled child in a childcare establishment.

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